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Round Stainless Steel

Chimney Dampers


The Round Top Damper’s heavy stainless steel construction will withstand repeated chimney fires. The recessed design does not induce additional turbulence at the flue’s termination point or interact with the prevailing wind.

 All clay flue tile sizes, round single wall, flexible flue liners, class A solid pack, and air insulated factory flues are accommodated. Installation is simple and damper is recessed approximately 6 inches below the flue’s termination point, ideal for restoration projects where an exposed damper is objectionable. A rain cover of your choice can now be installed over it without fear of a freezing or sticking damper.

The Spider Damper II Round Top Damper is the ultimate replacement for worn-out, warped and defective factory-built zero clearance dampers.


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Round Dampers
6" - 16"

 How to Install

Size Spider Damper to the inside measurement of the round flue.

Will fit masonry & clay liners.  Single & double wall chimney pipe.

Rigid & flexible chimney liners.


Push spider damper down till the support tabs rest on the flue edge and allow cable to run the length of the chimney to the fire box.

Install bracket to side of fire box & adjust cable length.


Install proper chimney cap for the flue.

In most instances you will be able to use your existing chimney cap.


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